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Is Invisalign Right For You?


Is Invisalign Right For You? If you have been looking for a teeth alignment solution, and have considered the idea of invisalign, you may have already browsed the West Lovers Dental sites Invisalign procedure page. Recently, these clear braces have found a rise in popularity and more dentists are seen offering Invisalign than ever [...]

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Are Braces Right For You?


Are Braces Right For You? Approaching Braces Acquiring braces can be a nerve-racking experience for many people. This is completely normal as it can be considered as big of a life decision as buying your first car. With that said, it is a rather simple procedure that begins by your first visit at the [...]

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DIY Braces Can Ruin Your Smile


DIY Braces Can Ruin Your Smile The Dental Method provides dental services to patients in Dallas, TX and Richardson, TX at affordable prices. With a strong team of dentists and a focus on good customer service, it’s no surprise that our dental office is a popular choice for patients. Cosmetic, general, and emergency dental procedures are [...]

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At-Home Tooth Whitening—Is It Safe?


At-Home Tooth Whitening—Is It Safe? Good light, flattering angles and a bright smile are all you need for that perfect selfie, but stained or discolored teeth can keep people from smiling to the fullest. With a number of celebrities endorsing at-home teeth whitening products over social media platforms like Instagram, it’s easy to be [...]

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Does Your Child Need Braces


Does Your Child Need Braces There’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing the smile on your little one’s face. As a parent, it is your responsibility to monitor their oral health during childhood, to keep them from facing major orthodontic issues later in life. While only a dental expert can correctly detect whether a [...]

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