dental innovations


At The Dental Method we have made the choice to become a digital dentistry practice. We’re ahead of the curve compared with other dental offices, but we know this is the right choice to ensure our patients receive the best possible care.

save time

Digital files are immediately available for dental labs, specialists, and insurance providers. There’s no need to mail or hand deliver physical x-rays, photos, or bite impressions. Additionally, digital files make each treatment visit much shorter. You’ll be able to instantly look at your digital x-rays on a chairside monitor no need to wait for them to be developed. Digital impressions can be seamlessly captured using a handheld wand, so there’s no time wasting, goupy physical molds necessary.

precise planning

Digital smile design lets us show patients exactly what their smile will look like after a cosmetic, orthodontic, or restorative service. This completely takes the guesswork out of dental treatment planning for the patients. Digital treatment planning also reduces the chance for error when communicating the treatment plan with labs where restorations and other dental devices are crafted.

early intervention

Digital x-rays, photos, and cavity detection systems allow us to intervene in the earliest stages of oral health concerns. That means patients are less likely to experience advanced dental damage that requires in-depth treatments.



Unique to our dental office is our on-site laboratory. We collaborate with highly skilled ceramists to craft custom dental restorations, ensuring you receive the smile you expect. Our on-site laboratory allows for quick turnaround time for certain appliances and a superb level of quality control.

Personal Attention
All work customized for each individual patient by our technician/ceramist
Custom shading of all crowns and veneers
Superb quality control; all restorations are overseen by the dentist who works hand-in-hand with technicians
Quick turnaround time for certain individual needs, schedule based on patient’s convenience and specific needs


Digital dental implants are a wonder of modern dentistry. They are replacement teeth that are supported by your jawbone, just like natural teeth, so they allow you to enjoy all your favorite foods, require no special care, and may last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Natural tooth appearance
Natural tooth function
No special care
Stimulates jawbone to maintain facial structure
Can last a lifetime (clinical studies prove 30+ year function)