At-Home Tooth Whitening—Is It Safe?

Good light, flattering angles and a bright smile are all you need for that perfect selfie, but stained or discolored teeth can keep people from smiling to the fullest.
With a number of celebrities endorsing at-home teeth whitening products over social media platforms like Instagram, it’s easy to be tempted to purchase those convenient and cheap DIY whitening kits, in hopes of attaining that blinding Hollywood smile.
While most at-home kits are ADA-approved, excessive use of these hydrogen-peroxide-based products have an adverse effect on oral health.
Here are some issues that may arise due to the overuse of at-home tooth whitening kits:

Translucent appearance of teeth:

All teeth whitening products contain a considerable amount of hydrogen peroxide. Persistent application of carbamide or hydrogen peroxide rich products on teeth affects their outer layer, the enamel. As a result, the teeth may begin to appear semitransparent or glassy from the edges. This is an irreversible damage caused by excessive use of whitening products at home.

Gum Irritation:

Bleaching teeth at home is impossible without exposing your gums to the product. The peroxide in the products is reactive to both soft and hard oral tissues which is why the application process needs supervision of a dental expert.
Excessive use of whitening products or their prolonged contact with gums can lead to severe inflammation and redness. Swollen gums are not only uncomfortable, they are also more susceptible to infections.

Increased risk of tooth decay:

The primary function of enamel is to protect teeth from decay. Abrasive agents present in DIY teeth whitening products cause the enamel to erode, which places teeth at a high risk of dental cavities. As enamel cannot be regenerated, this too is an irreversible side effect of overuse of teeth whitening products.


Continual application of over-the-counter teeth whitening products weakens the structure of teeth, making them more brittle and sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. This means you might experience a sharp pain every time you try to enjoy a sip of your hot coffee or ice-cold beer.

To avoid unwanted side-effects, it’s always better to avoid self-administration of bleaching products. If you’re looking for a professional teeth whitening treatment, let us help you out!
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