Dental Sealants

When you are doing your best to look after your child’s teeth, it can sometimes be stressful knowing what to do, knowing what is best for them. Consulting their pediatric dentist is always going to be the best way to start, but even so it is helpful to have a good understanding of the many options available to you and your child before you get in touch. One particularly common and useful solution in many cases of children’s dentistry is the dental sealant. These structures are particularly effective in helping to prevent your child’s teeth from decaying. Let’s have a look in a little more detail at what sealants are, and when they can help.

A dental sealant is a thin coating which is painted on the surface of the teeth. Commonly used on back teeth, it can also be used on any tooth where it is required. As it dries, it becomes a hard shield which then works to protect the grooves and fissures in the teeth from attracting the bacteria that can cause tooth decay. Clearly, this can be especially useful for any young child, particularly if it has been shown that there is a likelihood of them experiencing decay early on in life. Having the kind of protective and preventative measure that dental sealants provide is always a good thing for their oral health.

Sealants are useful primarily because even the best brushing, flossing, and mouth washing routines are not perfect. Children are especially unlikely to be able to brush thoroughly enough to remove all of the food particles and plaque, so having sealants can really help to establish some strong oral health in your child. Clearly, the use of dental sealants can give your child a better start to their oral life.

The Application

You might well be wondering about the process of applying dental sealants. It can be useful to know, so that you can explain it to your child before you come in for the procedure itself. Firstly, the teeth in question are cleaned thoroughly by a hygienist. Then each tooth is dried, and cotton is used to keep it dry. An acid solution is then applied to the teeth, which helps the sealant to bond more easily. Then after a rinsing and drying of the teeth, sealant is painted onto the enamel, upon which is hardens quickly.

Sealants can protect the teeth for about ten years, so this is a cost-effective long-term solution which is well worth considering. However, it is important to ensure that your child’s sealants are checked regularly, as they do need taking care of. If necessary, we can arrange for replacements to be made.

If you think your child might benefit from some dental sealants, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us as soon as possible. We will be delighted to offer you and your child friendly professional advice and a lasting service which you will be glad of.



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