Dentures used to present a number of different problems. Since they were not fully secure, dentures could slip, causing discomfort and irritation. As well as this, dentures could easily be damaged, and so anyone using them had to be careful about their diet, choosing to eat foods that were soft and required little chewing.

However, thanks to new medical denture technology everything has changed. Forget about dentures slipping and sliding because that’s no longer an issue. Don’t worry about them popping out because permanent dentures never will.


Older dentures used to be based on a flawed fitting processed. Suction or small clips were used to keep them in place. This wasn’t always effective with many people experiencing the issues that we have just mentioned. It’s always difficult adjusting to eating and even speaking with new dentures. It often takes weeks for people to grow accustomed to this change. Add the fact that the dentures aren’t even properly secured and the situation can be a nightmare. With permanent dentures , everything changes. The clue here is in the name. If you have permanent dentures, there’s no way that they can move around your mouth, fall out of place or slip up.

You won’t have to suffer the embarrassment of people knowing that your teeth are false. Nor will you need to worry about them failing you while you’re enjoying a dinner with friends or family. Instead, everything can be simple.


The first step is finding the right type of denture for you. This is going to depend on your situation, and your professional dentist can help you here. You might need a denture for one tooth, a few different teeth or a complete set. Once this has been determined it’s time to get the new dentures fitted.

The fitting process takes place over a number of different stages. It does take a while and will require you to make several visits to your dentist. However, this also allows you to get comfort and peace of mind, knowing that your dentures are fully secure.

It’s crucial that your gums and ridges are in fantastic condition to fully support the dentures. That’s why your first visit will simply be a thorough examination. You may also be required to provide an impression of your lower and upper jaw. You will have gone through this procedure before whenever your dentist has needed to check your teeth. Hopefully, there will be no need for a surgical restructure to fit your dentures. If there isn’t, then your dentist will move onto the next stage.

The impression that you made can be used to create a wax model which will be the foundation for the plastic teeth to be molded into. Your dentist will mould and shape your set of dentures to perfectly fit your mouth. Once this process has been complete, the third stage will involve mounting the dentures inside your mouth.

There are a few different ways that permanent dentures can be fixed in your mouth. The choice tends to depend on the size of the dentures that are required. For instance, a partial denture ridge may work for a partial denture. However, this does depend on the natural teeth not decaying, and this is always a possibility. In this case, the denture ridge is mounted to the abutment teeth. This is typically strengthened by crowns.

The alternative is the implant. These dentures are always going to be suitable and can be used no matter how many teeth you might need replacing. The method of mounting is quite similar to the partial denture ridge. Instead of using crowns to strengthen the denture, titanium rods are put directly into the bone of your jaw underneath the gum line. The positioning will depend on the shape and placement of your new denture. For instance, they can point down from the top jaw or even face outward for a replacement of a frontal bridge. This treatment does take a little more time as your dentist will need to wait for the gum to heal after the implant. After this, the dentures can be permanently infused to the little parts of the implant that are exposed through the gum.


There are many benefits of permanent dentures to consider if you are thinking about this treatment option. Perhaps the main advantage for you as a patient is the beautiful aesthetic they give your mouth. When you smile, your dentures will look perfectly natural, fitting in beautifully with the actual teeth. In fact, no one will be able to tell that you have dentures at all, allowing you to keep your youthful looks.

As well as this, permanent dentures don’t move or wiggle about. They won’t lead to awkward situations in the middle of dinner or embarrassing occurrences when you’re eating at a restaurant. Instead, you can trust your dentures to stay firmly in place.

If you needed your dentures as a result of damaged or lost teeth, it’s possible that you may have other issues with the health of your teeth. Implant dentures won’t be affected by problems like this so you can avoid a second replacement. Permanent dentures can last a lifetime, requiring very little maintenance at all. Unlike other dentures, they won’t have to be adjusted, and you will very rarely need to get them checked out by your dentist. Once they are properly installed, your dentures could be firmly fitted for life.

If you are interested in the possibility of permanent dentures be sure to contact our team to find out if you’re a fit for the procedure. If you are, we’ll be more than happy to talk you through the different types of permanent denture and the process of getting them installed. With permanent dentures, patients can regain their confidence to smile and have the best quality of life, no matter how many teeth they might have lost over the years. With permanent dentures, you can start smiling again without any worries at all.


We believe in the need for that personal touch and that positive energy required in making your visit a pleasant experience. Vital to providing the best dental care also includes the use of the very best material and the very best labs. Our team is committed to changing the way you feel about going to the dentist. This IS the new standard of care and your Dental Home.


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