Scaling & Root Planing

Gum disease can be incredibly damaging to your overall oral health. If it’s a problem that gets ignored, it will just grow and cause even more avoidable problems. That’s why we’re proud of our scaling and root planing services here at The Dental Method. We know and understand the importance of healthy gums, and our team of dental professionals has years of experience in carrying out procedures like these. Scaling and root planing is used to combat forms of gum disease when they’re still in their early stages. It’s important to tackle this problem sooner rather than later.

Scaling and root planing are procedures our team carries out regularly, so they know what they’re doing. It’s all about cleansing the teeth in a more extensive way than usual so that the roots are not left to become damaged by unhelpful bacteria. When you’re brushing your teeth at home, this is not something that can be done. We use the best methods to make the roots of your teeth cleaner and healthier than they’ve been for a very long time, and that has long-term benefits for your oral health in general. A local anesthetic is used to numb any pain in the gums during the procedure.

Our dentists will make use of scalars and curettes to offer that deep cleaning experience. All of our smart tools and equipment are top of the range, offering the kinds of results that you wouldn’t be able to achieve at home or from other dentists using outdated equipment. At The Dental Method, we’re always learning new things and pushing forward in new directions because we want the best results and outcomes for each and every one of our patients. If you come to us and use our scaling and root planing services, you can expect the best.

Our staff are fully invested in offering the best results for each and every one of our patients. It’s not something we take lightly, and the experience of the patient always comes before anything else. Our dentists are not here to do anything other than make you feel at ease and to produce the right results for your gums and oral health in general. Our track record is excellent, and that all comes down to the way in which we approach customer care and the work we do each day.

One of the things that’s very important is the maintenance of good dental hygiene after the scaling and root planing procedures have been completed. If good dental hygiene if not maintained, the benefit of these procedures will be significantly dulled. We can provide you with the right guidance to ensure that you are able to keep your teeth and gums as clean and as healthy as they possibly can be in the weeks and months that follow the procedures. This will improve the long-term outcomes for you. Get in touch if you want to learn even more about what this treatment could do for your dental health.



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