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If it’s general oral care that you’re looking for, then you won’t find a more reliable service than our dentist services at The Dental Method. General dentistry involves treatment of common oral diseases such as tooth decay, gingivitis, dental plaque and bad breath. It also covers preventative measures that will help keep your teeth looking great, such as learning how to brush properly, regular hygienist sessions and also teaching you dieting habits that will ensure you won’t suffer further damage to your teeth and gums. With a mix of preventative measures and general dentistry, you’ll be able to whiten your teeth and keep your mouth healthy before they’re affected by disorders or diseases.

Most people should be visiting their dentist every couple of months. At The Dental Method, we pride ourselves on how thorough our examinations are. Our oral examinations use a mixture of x-rays, dental exams and advanced tests to check for any potential issues in your gums and teeth. With a regularly scheduled check-up at our dentist service you’re guaranteed to have a healthy and bright smile that will make you proud and fill you with confidence. You’ll be protected from any issues that could occur in the future and you’ll save plenty of money by not having to resort to expensive cosmetic procedures just to keep your teeth looking good.

However, if our examinations discover any issues, then we’ll be more than happy to refer you to more specialised services that will assist in the recovery of your dental health or treatment of your issues. The Dental Method provides many services that can help you regain your smile and cure any pains or aches that you might be experiencing in your mouth. Here are just a couple of services that we offer at our practice:

Even if you think you have excellent teeth, there’s a good chance that the damage is already hurting your teeth or gums—it just isn’t visible. Poor dental health can affect anyone and the symptoms aren’t easy to tell. It could be a spot of bad breath, a bit of aching in your mouth or even a receding gum line that could trigger long-term permanent damage. Whatever the problem is, make sure you contact The Dental Method to get the best help and professional advice.



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