At The Dental Method in Dallas and Richardson Texas, sedation is used as a preoperative technique to make the patient relax and even unconscious at times so that he cannot feel the pain while the dental procedure is being carried out. For minor dental procedures, lower dose of sedation is given to the patient that acts as a relaxer. While for moderate to major surgeries, the dosage of sedation is adjusted accordingly by the dentists that make the patient go into an unconscious phase.

Sedation Dentistry at The Dental Method is practiced on four levels:

Minimal sedation where a patient is relaxed and awake.
Moderate sedation is where a patient is half awake and half asleep and doesn’t remember much of the procedure.
Deep sedation is when the patient is on the edge of consciousness but can be awakened easily.
General Anesthesia when the patient is completely unconscious.

At The Dental Method in Dallas and Richardson Texas, sedation is carried out in four phases. To keep a person relaxed and awake at the same time, when minor surgeries are being carried out, minimal sedation is practiced. For moderate dental surgeries, either sedation keeps the patient in a sub-conscious state or keeps him at the edge of consciousness but from where he can be awakened easily. Heavy sedation is practiced in case of major dental surgeries where a person is given general anesthesia to keep him completely unconscious.

For minimal sedation, a mixture of laughing gas with oxygen is given for breathing through a mask. For moderate to critical surgeries, patients are sedated an hour preoperatively. A general anesthesia is used for complete unconsciousness. It is on the sole discretion of your dentist to decide on which sedation type to go for.



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