Are you confused about the different choices and options you have for implant supported dentures? Implant supported dentures can be a fantastic solution for people who have lost one or multiple teeth and want a permanent replacement. However, to make this choice, you need to understand the options that are available to you.

You might have lost a lot of your teeth or even all of the teeth in your mouth. This can occur due to serious conditions such as gum disease. In cases, like this, there are four major possibilities to choose from. Two of these choices provide you with a temporary fixture for your mouth while the other two are completely permanent. These differ in cost, technique and treatment times. If you want to explore these options in full, we can help by showing you exactly what they involve.

Let’s start by exploring the two options that provide you with a permanent fixture for your mouth. Remember, since they are permanent, you won’t have to get them taken out or remove them at all. Instead, they can be a lifetime solution that you’ll never have to worry about once they have been installed.


Made up of around four to eight implants and a dental bridge or bridges it is the ultimate all-on-4 option. The benefit of this type of implant is that you don’t have to worry about losing one implant. If one implant is lost or doesn’t hold the way it should, the bridge still stays firmly in place and can survive.

The other benefit is that it is made of porcelain and this ensures that the crowns look beautiful. It’s very difficult to tell that you are even using dentures with this type of implant. The material also ensures that the implant is durable and could last a lifetime.

The cost of this type of treatment could be $20,000 or more, and that is per jaw. The cost will differ depending on how much work is needed. For instance, if the bone isn’t in the right place you might need esthetics. This can push the price to double or triple. However, you are paying for what is arguably the best type of implant that you can get.

Although, there are some issues. If the porcelain tooth or teeth break or chip, they need to be repaired. This can be rather expensive depending on the level of breakage.

The implant may also fail, however this is quite rare. If it does occur then the bridge will stay in place if no more than two implants fail.

Often referred to as the All-On-4, this consists of a denture that connects to all four dental implants. In some cases, there may be more than four implants, and in cases like this, it might be referred to as a hybrid denture.

Similar to the previous option, these dentures are fixed, ensuring that they stay in place at all times. Although rare, if an implant does fail, you will have issues as the remaining implants will not be able to maintain the fixture in place. As well as this all-on-4 denture implants tend to use lower quality materials that are not quite as durable. As such, they can break more easily and may not even look as aesthetically pleasing as the porcelain alternative.

That said, this is definitely the cheaper option costing around 3000 dollars less than the average price of an implant supported bridge. Any repairs can also be a lot cheaper compared with the previous possibility.

The next two options are temporary fixtures, and due to this, they can be removed at night for cleaning. However, they also vary in durability and stability. As such, you may not be able to rely on them to stay in place.


Despite being only temporary, these dentures can cost more than the all-on-4. They range in prices between $16000 and $25000 for each arch that needs to replaced. With four dental implants or in some cases more, a prosthesis can be used to attach the dentures to the mouth. In some cases, a metal bar may also be used.

Despite being removable when it is in place, you shouldn’t notice any difference to this and the previous fixed options. It should stay firmly in place when you are eating. As well as this, the fact that you can remove it will allow you to clean underneath the denture. This means that you can stop it from smelling which can be an issue with fixed dentures that are more difficult to keep in good condition.

That said, this type of denture does require a little more maintenance. The attachment parts can wear out every couple of years, and you may need to repair certain parts of the denture. These issues are cheap and easy to fix although it will depend on the type of implant you choose.


The final option is certainly the cheapest. For a bottom implant retained overdenture, you can expect a cost of up to $8000. This will pay for two implants in the lower jaw. The upper jaw will require more implants so you can expect the cost to be close to double that. Though, nowhere near as expensive as the previous options.

Arguably this option is closer to your typical standard denture. While it does provide more support, there will be some issues. For instance, many people do find that the dentures need to be realigned. These dentures rely on the line of bone and tissue which does change as time goes on. Although better than a denture this one is nowhere near as stable as the previous three options.


All the procedures take the same amount of time. Once the implants are in place, they need to time to heal which will take between three to six months. After this time, it can take between four and eight weeks for the new dentures to be prepared and put fully in place. Although time may be added on if more work is needed to ready the mouth for the new dentures.


The All-In-4 is the most popular choice. It’s an affordable option that provides you the comfort and stability of a permanently fitted implant denture. However, it will depend on your budget and the amount of work that is needed for your individual circumstance. A professional dentist will be able to help you make the right choice.


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