Crowns & Bridges

Crowns and bridges are fixed dentures that are used to protect the teeth from decay and also to enhance the smile. Unlike dentures, both the crowns and bridges are fixed to the teeth and can only be removed by the dentists. The Dental Method in Dallas and Richardson Texas offers you both of these treatments depending upon the condition of your teeth. Both of the prosthetic devices are attached to the existing teeth structure or the dental implant.

A dental crown is like a cap that is used to cover up the tooth that is replaced or implanted due to decay or any other reason. Besides providing a protecting covering to the tooth and strengthening it, the crown also aligns the structure and enhances the smile. Crown made of porcelain or ceramic are more preferred as colors of both the materials are similar to teeth. Dentists at The Dental Method advise the crown in the following certain cases:

When there is a need to cover up a large filling
When there a need to provide protection to the teeth against tooth decay
When there is a need to avoid tooth cracking, chipping and breakage
When there is need to heal a tooth fracture
When there is a need to provide a protective covering to dental implant
When there is a need to hide a misshaped tooth

A bridge, however is applied when one or more teeth is missing from the structure. Due to this missing, oral hygiene is compromised and is left prone to different gum and oral diseases. Bridges replace the missing tooth/teeth and fill up all the empty space by binding tightly with the surrounding teeth.

Before the surgery carried out to place crown or bridge, the teeth are shrunk to an appropriate size. At The Dental Method, our dentists first place temporary crown or bridge for a few days before placing the permanent prosthetic device. Both crowns and bridges can last long if proper oral hygiene is maintained and precautions advised by our dentists are followed.



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