White Fillings

Previously, our dental clinic used to have dental amalgam or silver fillings to fill in the cavities formed by the tooth decay. The silver fillings contained liquid mercury in it along with silver, tin and copper metals in powdered form. Due to the presence of mercury, chances of mercury poisoning were sky-high. The silver filling had been in use for quite a long time until scientists came up with a new idea to replace the silver fillings. Composite filling or while filling was introduced causing the drawbacks of dental amalgam to be removed.

White Fillings are mercury free and are made of a plastic, glass mixture. White fillings match the color of teeth and are used to treat decaying teeth. They are also used cosmetic smile enhancement. Along with filling the cavities, white fillings also strengthen the teeth structure. The composite filling can be changed easily as well when damaged or required, while small cavities can be easily filled. After the procedure of white filling, if decay occurs, it is very easy to spot and fix. These fillings are heat and cold resistant.

White fillings are extremely durable and last for 8-10 years if taken proper care of. Regular checkups are necessary for white fillings to remain safe from decay, bacteria or any other harmful source. Regular cleansing, brushing and flossing are also advised. With white fillings, you can easily enhance your natural smile!

Some advantages of white fillings are:

White fillings which are done at The Dental Method in Dallas and Richardson Texas, unlike the previously used silver fillings, strengthen the teeth instead of weakening them structurally.
In order to keep more of the tooth intact, our dentist can make much smaller holes in the teeth to allow the filling composite to flow in.
As previously mentioned, due to the nature of the filling, if it becomes damaged it can be very easily changed.
After the filling is in place, it is considerably easier to spot and treat potential decay.
Much smaller cavities can be fixed with great ease and there is no need to wait for a cavity to increase in size before it can be treated accordingly.
White fillings are very durable and can last for the span of 8-10 years.
The fillings are completely thermally resistant which adds to their durability.
White fillings made of the plastic and glass composite can withstand extreme temperatures and insulate the tooth.
The fillings tend to look much more natural and aesthetically pleasing compared to the old silver or amalgam fillings. This allows for a more beautiful and natural smile.
The teeth with the fillings are more solid structurally due to the composite binding itself to them thus preventing future breakage.


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