Children's Dentistry

Looking for a skilled pediatric dentist in Dallas or Richardson TX? If you’re looking for a family dentist to help your family with their dental care needs, look no further than The Dental Method.

Early childhood is an essential period of oral health and hygiene. If it’s approached correctly and the standards are kept high, it sets a precedent for the years ahead. Our pediatric dentists specialize in helping children improve their dental health and hygiene. Children’s dentistry is all about working right with kids and encouraging them to keep up their oral hygiene. They understand what it takes to work with children, especially when they’re scared and don’t really want to be there.

Our team knows what it takes to keep them calm and do the dental work quickly, efficiently and most importantly, correctly. At The Dental Method, we’re careful to keep standard continually high because we want the very best for all of our customers. As a parent, you will want to choose a children’s dentist that’s going to be talented enough to keep your child healthy. That’s not too much to ask, and we guarantee that our staff will do everything possible to make the experience positive and free from pain and stress for your children. Good relationships can be built up between your children and our dentists, and that will make the experience better for everyone.


Regular oral check-ups are essential for young children. We can provide these regular check-ups in which we’ll assess the progression of the child’s oral health and big up on any problems before they arise. These regular check-ups will involve a variety of things, including dental cleaning to ensure any residual plaque is removed from the teeth and gums. This is done after a full examination has been carried out. Fluoride application and x-rays are also done. This gives our dentists a complete view of the oral and dental health of your child, allowing them to monitor any changes over the years.

This is all about developing habits and a knowledge of good dental hygiene that will stick with your child for the rest of their life. We will build a good relationship with your child so that it will be possible to give advice in a casual and supportive manner. Your child will never take an interest in their own dental hygiene and health if they feel like they’re being lectured and told what to do. Instead, we aim to build a more casual and laid back kind of interaction between dentists and child patients. That way, those habits will stick and improve their dental health for a long time to come.

If you’re searching for a dentist that you can trust with your child’s dental health, you should get in contact with us here at The Dental Method as soon as possible. We’ll arrange a consultation and a time to meet your child and carry out the first check-up for them. If any problems are discovered at this stage, they will be acted on rapidly to achieve the best outcomes for your child. You can find out contact details on our website if you want to ask any further questions.



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